Shifters Crew

These are all the fine people who have either contributed to shifters or are currently working on it.

~ Marie Tary ~
AKA: ShadowsMyst
Status: Active
Job: Artist, colorist, writer ( only sometimes ), Inker, webmaster
Contribution: All the art/graphics/webstuff, Issues 1 and 2
Favorite character: Kat and Ferrah both.
Quote: " I should really work on shifters today."

~ James Strocel ~
AKA: Rogue1
Status: Permanent Hiatus
Job: Writer
Contribution: Issues 3-9
Favorite character: Nikki
Quote: " Spoon!"

~ Zhypoh ~
AKA: "J"
Status: On loan to "The Institute", only aloud out periodically.

Job: colorist ( sometimes only, but enough to be mentioned.) and creative consulting.
Contribution: Colored at least some of the panels in almost all the issues with color.
Favorite character: no comment.
Quote: " If you can't set it on fire, it ain't worth mentioning."


We all love to get feedback on our work! We are lonely! If you'd like to talk to any of us, please post in the forum!




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