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If you haven't actually read the comic, you should stop now. But if you have read the comic and are confused as to what is actually going on, this is where you should be. It has been pointed out to me several times, Shifters is a bit of a convoluted story and often times hard to follow as it has kind of jumpy and fast, missing parts, and unreadable or unclear in others. Some vagueness was purposeful, but others was just carelessness. In an effort to help readers understand what's going on incase they missed some of the very VERY subtle information and commentation, this is an issue by issue summary of what is going on to date in the comic.

Issue 1: Awakenings

Its halloween day and Ferrah and Alice are on the Dance commitee to decorate for it. They arrive late and the tyranical Serena, leader of the dance committee gives them hell. They are saved by Ferrah's scary and tomboyish friend Nikki, who has gotten them Halloween costumes. Kat looks great in hers, but Ferrah's isn't as scary as she would have hoped. The dance happens and then the girls walk home in the dark of the night. It so happens that some vampires who have a bone to pick with Alice show up and take Ferrah hostage. Alice is forced to reveil her shifter nature to save Ferrah, but the vampires have other plans, as they bite ferrah with the intention of turning her into one of their own. However, it doesn't happen, instead, she shifts into a giant wolf and devours her attackers before passing out.
Issue 2: Lifting the Veil

Ferrah wakes up a few days later, thinking it was a dream. When she goes to school she finds Alice is avoiding her.When confronted Alice tries to brush her off which only serves to piss her off, making Ferrah shift. To preserve the veil, Alice boots Ferrah into the bathroom, trying to cover up what was really happening. She goes into the bathroom to see how ferrah is and ends up getting throttled. Outside a crowd gathers when they hear of a fight in the girls washroom. Eventually the two get back to class after Alice shocks Ferrah back into reality. When Ferrah is caught daydreaming she gets kicked out of class and meets up with Ben who tries to console her. It rather backfires and she ends up going home more confused than ever.
Issue 3: Tears of Blood

In this issue the focus shifts from Ferrah and Alice to the activities of their friend Nikki on the night when ferrah was bitten. Nikki is a slayer of slayers and gets called to the Club Estranger, a vampire club, to deal with one called " The Padre", who is out of control attacking innocent vampires at the club. Her mysterious partner, Schala, is already at the scene and gives her details as she finds an entry point and finds the best place to attack her target. Soon a melee insues where she engages the religion spewing nutcase and kicks his ass. Tied up they try to decide what to do with him until he decides to open his mouth and beg for mercy. Nikki decides to put him out of his misery for good, which shocks even her partner. Nikki gets a drink afterwards so she might be able to sleep tonight.
Issue 4: On the Lam

Ferrah is still trying to make sense of whats going on and decides to take the Tram home. But she does not know that someone has hired Vampsquad PI to look into the disappearances of the two vampires that she ate on the night of her strange awakening. Piotr and Vince decide to track Ferrah down as a means of catching up with the werecat that was supposed to have been involved in the fight between these vampires. Vince and Piotr track her down to the tram and confront her there, while Ben and Alice also are looking for Ferrah, worried she might be getting into trouble. On the tram, the two vampires manage to aggrivate Ferrah enough to make her shift, upon which Ferrah proceeds to whoop ass on the two, and then escape onto the top of the car. A running battle ensues where the Vampsquad endure some abuse and Ferrah gets spraypainted. At the end of the line the Vampish duo tazer Ferrah and knock her out. Fortunately Alice and Ben arrive on the scene and deal with the duo by tossing them off the train.
Issue 5: Shades of Intrigue

When Ferrah awakes again, she finds she isn't alone in her bedroom. Alice and Ben decide to give her the lowdown on what she is and the Veil. The method? Puppetshow. After the puppetshow, they are at Ben's football practice, where Alice is still trying to educate Ferrah further, but Ferrah's interests are distracted by her infatuation with Ben. Meanwhile, under cover of Serena's babbling, Nikki recieves word that she is suspended from working for two weeks due to the coming of the Maverick to Shade City. She is understandably upset. After they are done in the locker room, Ferrah and Alice go to class only to discover their teacher has been replaced by.. Piotr! Although Alice tries to do something about it, her plan is foiled. Afterwards, Ferrah and Alice are walking in the school courtyard discussing their new teacher when Alice gets a call on her Cell phone from Raven. She tells Ferrah to wait as she takes the call. While Ferrah is waiting she is attacked by a White wolf that bursts through the wall and assaults her, ripping her shirt and giving her a hickey. She responds by booting said wolf in the nuts and becoming infuriated. She tracks down the wolf to the cafeteria where she meets the Wuulfpack for the first time. When Lupus tries to say hi, she flattens him with a table.

Issue 6: Catfight

Holly, the werefox of the Wuulfpack confronts Ferrah, where she indicates she is Lupus' girlfriend by showing her the hickey Lupus gave her. Ferrah responds by showing her her newly gotten mark and the werefox challenges Ferrah to a duel in the undercity. Alice and Ben scramble to try and minimize damage. Alice opts to talk to Ferrah while Ben deals with Lupus and Kobrin. Ben threatens Lupus with little effect, and Alice talks to ferrah in the washroom where Ferrah is taping her wrists getting ready to fight. Kat pleads with Ferrah not to fight, offering to take her place. Ferrah won't hear anything about it and infact pisses off Alice to the point where she storms off in a huff. Later that night, the two meet in the abandoned area in the undercity. The wuulfpack backs holly while Ben is the only backup Ferrah has. Ben tells ferrah that he is there to make sure things don't get out of hand, as he is more aware that Ferrah is of the potential disaster in the making. Holly shapeshifts and challenges Ferrah, who also tries to shapeshift and fails miserably. Holly doesn't waste the opportunity. Ferrah makes it clear she intends to win, wolf form or not and a running battle ensues. Holly seems to have the upper hand until Ferrah gets her with a fire extinguisher and pins her down. However, the vixen isn't about to be outdone and with a shard of glass deeply slashes Ferrah across the chest.

Issue 7: Out of Control

Kat, feeling bad about not helping her friend despite the afternoon has come in search of her. She shifts into her cat form to cover more ground. Meanwhile Holly believes Ferrah to be toast, but is proven seriously wrong when Ferrah freaks out and shifts, not only to her half form, but her full beast form which is gigantic, unlike any they have ever seen, and it comes right after the werefox that damaged it. The Wuulfpack try to help their own but are sorrily ineffective, which leaves Ben to give a demonstration of his Shamanic talents. Using spider spirits to bind Ferrah, the coyote twins manage to pull Holly to safety. Unfortunately the binding doesn't hold and Ferrah breaks free, even more pissed off. Realizing his spell is broken, Ben tries a more old fashioned approch, using his bear strength to try and wrestle down the giant werewolf. He gets his arm crushed for his troubles as Kat bursts through the window in her cat form, landing on the wolf and splitching its eyes. Ferrah pitches Kat off, throwing her into the wall. Kat finds herself staring down the snout of the pissed shewolf, and is made into a chewtoy. Ben, realizing he has no other choice once again takes up his shamanic fetish and casts a spell which causes both girls to transform back to their humanselves. Both girls are left bloodied on the floor while ben tells the cowering wuulfpack to call the medics.
Issue 8: Damage Control

Once again ferrah finds herself awakening in her own bed. Ben is present when she awakens and escorts her to school. She doesn't remember anything about her transforming and asks her friends and even the teacher about where Alice is. In the cafeteria at lunch, Ferrah confronts Ben about it who can only tell her that he is taking her somewhere afterschool. They go to the veil hospital where we discover the fate of Vince and Piotr since their ill-fated fall from the train in issue 4. They spot ben and ferrah as they quarrel in the hallway of the hospital. Ferrah realizes that she probably did something, but still isn't really prepared when she learns it was, in fact, Alice that she harmed. Inside Alice's room, Ben's Father Edward harkus and Alice's parents argue about what should be done about Ferrah. The Sherry's ( alices parents) freak out somewhat when they learn that Ferrah has been brought here to see her friend. She tries to appologize but just can't get the words out, so she simply is aloud to see kat, whom she can do nothing for as the werecat lay in a coma. Out of earshot, Ben and his father talk about ferrah's fate. Edward tells Ben that the situation could be far worse that people may have previously thought. He suspects that Ferrah is a Kinsmir, a half shifter, half vampire.
Issue 9: Wolf's Clothing

Edward explains to his son the significance of the Kinsmir and the threat it represents. He is in favor of sending her away for training so that when her power awakens she can control it. Ben isn't happy with the idea at all. Ferrah however is agreeable too it , she feels she has an obligation to atone for her attack against her bestfriend. But it appears someone has been evesdropping as Vampsquad PI burst in and confront them about trying to smuggle a kinsmir out of the city. Edward makes quick work of the vamp duo and sends Ferrah and Ben to get ready to leave. When finally Vince and Piotr get out of the closet, Vince calls in a Slayer. That slayer happens to be Nikki, who is bored out of her skull because technically she's off duty. After a brief skirmish with her roommate and partner, Schala, she accepts the job and heads out to the airport. While on route to the airport Ben volunteers to go with Ferrah to the training facility in the arctic where she is supposedly going. At the airport, Nikki has already arrived and is setting up her big gun to take care of business. When she finally spots her quarry in her scope, she is taken aback as she recognizes the face. Her concentration is interrupted by a shadowy figure, the mysterious Raven. A skirmish ensues which delays nikki enough that her quarry managed to get on the plane and take off. On board the plane, the two take off. But another shadow shows itself on the back of the plane. When the two realize what it is, it is already too late as the Maverick begins to destroy the plane. As the plane begins to crash, the buildings put up a safety web to catch it and ferrah and ben escape to the outside of the plane. The Maverick follows and destroys key cables causing the plane to tilt and Ferrah to fall to the city below as Ben watches, horrified.
Issue 10: Strange Dreams

Back at the Hospital, Kat's condition is deteriorating as she slips deeper and deeper into her coma. Her body is being destroyed by the vampiric virus she contracted when Ferrah bled on her. She dreams while she is in her coma, and meets with her spirit guide who takes her on a bizarre little tour of her head and memories. We see her childhood, when she first became a shifter, and her first meeting with ferrah before she comes across a strange little cottage which has nothing to do with her life. She meets a strange pregnant woman with a strange symbol on her forehead named " Jee". They converse briefly before Kat begins to bleed from her abdomen in the dream, experiencing extreme pain as her body lies dying. In the hospital doctors scramble to save her life, while in her dream Jee offers her a choice to either die or take of the apple she offers. Kat accepts the apple and immediately her body in the real world regenerates with supernatural speed, but her dream begins to fall apart as she comes out of the coma. Jee begins to transform, telling Kat that she must go because her sister is coming. Kat is blasted back to conciousness on the operating table where the doctors look on, flabberghasted.
Issue 11: Blood Bonds

Kat is awake and recieves a visit from her doctors who try to bring her up to speed on what happened to her. Lucas tells her about the LTV virus and how it relates to vampires, as well as the kinsmir and what it did to her. After horrifing the werekat, Alice has a visit from Ben. Ben brings her up to speed on what has happened since she was out and tells her that Ferrah is missing. Alice then recieves another visitor, Raven, who proceeds to aggrivate Ben to the point of attacking him and pinning him to the wall. Alice gets him to release him and Ben leaves in a huff. Raven then proceeds to tell Alice of his view of events, from his tangle with Nikki to the point where he sees Ferrah hit the pavement, and keep on going. He tells her that Ferrah is in vamp territory now and to leave things to him. It is still too dangerous if the Maverick is still around. Outside the hospital room, Ben is confronted by stranger with a strange pet, who seems to be looking at " Nothing at all."

Issue 12: The Other Team

Ferrah falls the the undercity below and makes a large crater which attracts the attention of a younglie vampire by the name of Kaylie. It Kaylie takes care of Ferrah's mangled body in a rather unique way before the " Pride of the undercity" shows up to make trouble. Kaylie demonstrates that not all vampires are pussies and hands them their asses without even really trying. Afterwords she discovers Ferrah is sans memory and so she takes Ferrah back to her place where she introduces her to "Type O" and a corset. After properly attiring her for a vampire style hunt, they go the club Estranger to pick up a bite to eat. Unknown to either, Nikki has also come to the Estranger to drown her sorrows of botching the job earlier. When Ferrah shows, it suddenly Clicks that the girl she was supposed to assasinate was her best friend Ferrah and bolts to go and talk to her. Ferrah and Kaylie manage to pick up a couple of guys and leave the estranger, with Nikki in hot pursuit. On their way to the boy's place it is reveiled to the girls that their meals are looking for a little more than company and mean to get it. Kaylie reveils her vampire nature, killing her meal and turning on Ferrah's, who takes Ferrah hostage. That doesn't hold to long as Ferrah bites him deeply in the arm, giving Kaylie a chance to munch him. Nikki meanwhile has lined up for a shot on Ferrah but is torn. She never misses when she actually wants to shoot something, but she doesn't want to kill her friend. Deciding against it she shoots Kaylie and the would be assailent through the head. Ferrah is left with the taste of the boy's blood in her mouth which jumps starts her memory. Nikki tries to be understanding of her friend, but Ferrah isn't really listening. Instead, Nikki is confronted with the full fury of the Kinsmir.

Issue 13: Get Ferrah Nothing yet
Issue 14: The Price of Power Nothing yet
Issue 15: DogFight Nothing yet




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