The Shifters Cast


Characters, characters and more characters. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of characters in Shifters. So many that sometimes it is hard to follow what is going on and indeed even keep up with them. Also, in the beginning I wasn't too good at character design so many of them looked very similar. I'm trying to remedy this and I think i'm getting there. At any rate, here is a list of the main characters for the most part and a brief summary on each. Other secondary characters have appeared and I may decide to add a page for them as I get ambitious.
Ferrah Rolly ~ The Kinsmir Councilor O'Leary ~ Irishman
Alice Sherry ~ The Werecat Teletubby Bum
Nikki Holland ~ Slayer of Slayers The Padre ~ Slayer
Ben Harkus ~ The Werebear The Maverick ~ Psycho Weapon
Schala ~ Mysterious Vampire Kayle ~ Child of Darkness
Lupus Nash ~ Alpha of Wuulfpack Serena Hart ~ Miss Popularity
Kobrin Loche ~ Beta of Wuulfpack Raven ~ Wereraven Extraordinare
Holly Tate ~ Jealous Werefox Piotr ~ Faithful Sidekick
Vince ~ The 'boss' of Vampsquad PI Dr. Lucas Pillz ~ Doctor
Dr. Soong~ Doctor The Pride of the Undercity




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